B GENDERLESS: An Unexpected and Beautiful Turn in Our Story

When creating BACHÌ, our purpose was to create a positive emotion through fashion and let you be you. We agreed that however the brand grows, our baseline ‘you do you’ is our religion.

Our second collection launch ‘KÌND’ last December was organised with the idea to only host our BACHÌ girls. This quickly changed when boyfriends and friends were interested in coming too. We then organised an event for everyone. We created a huge table with a sharing food concept where everyone would come as strangers and leave as friends. It was a beautiful and wholesome night.

Everyone in our community connected and the energy was high. One man tried our sweater and that’s when things took a turn. Some of the men at the event ended up buying, wearing our KÌND SWEATER and still are. We were so excited and something switched in our minds while seeing this.


It changed our perspective, it made total sense.

YOU DID YOU and we are loving it.


We’re a you-do-you brand, not a female, not male fashion brand either, we’re whatever suits you. Whatever gender you are, fashion should always be your freedom.


It’s not about being a woman or a man, it’s about being you. It’s people’s freedom to choose how they want to dress. It’s not an adaptation to make clothes for mixed genders or a specific gender, it’s the possibility to give people the chance to wear what they want and how they want.